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       The "Avian Ecology and Conservation Laboratory" (Laboratório de Ecologia e Conservação de Aves) is part of the Zoology Department, Institute of Biological Sciences, Universidade de Brasília (UnB), Brazil. The Lab’s core objective is to study avian ecological traits and to stimulate new and improve ongoing bird conservation and management projects. We are currently studying birds’ life history parameters, migration, bird hemoparasites, climate change responses and geographic distributions with a large array of methodologies, including natural history observations, bird banding, laboratorial analyses, data loggers, geolocators, isotope analyses, and field experimentations.


        Our current projects are mainly teamwork, and most of our data are regularly collected on a Cerrado (Neotropical savanna) long-term 100-ha permanent field plot established in 2002 at “Águas Emendadas Ecological Station” (see map) (50 km north of Brasília, DF). The Lab has already monitored more than 5,000 bird nests and banded more than 10,000 birds since 2002.


         The Lab is fully equipped with computers, printers, binoculars, recorders, digital camcorders, mist nets and bird banding equipment. We also have refrigerators, freezer, stereoscopic magnifier, analytic scale and a drying oven. Our Lab library holds the most important ornithology, ecology, conservation and statistics textbooks, besides a sort of bird identification field guides and subscription to some national and international avian and conservation journals. The Lab also has free access to a large array of national and international scientific journals through the Brazilian governmental agency program “Periódicos CAPES”. We have free wireless and internet system.



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